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Young homeless blocked from renting, says report 2018-12-13
Samuel Dodsworth: Derby rapist and kidnapper jailed for 24 years 2018-12-13
UK bids to host 2020 UN climate change summit 2018-12-13
Knife crime offences rise to highest level since 2010 2018-12-13
Strasbourg attack suspect killed by police, reports say 2018-12-13
Poorer primary school students narrow Sats test gap 2018-12-13
Labour plans to throw kitchen sink to force May into Brexit vote 2018-12-13
Civil service told to ramp up no-deal Brexit plans with 24/7 crisis centre 2018-12-13
Aston Villa remove Kevin MacDonald from coaching after new bullying claims 2018-12-13
Don’t pity May. Her immigration obsession helped get us into this mess | Gary Younge 2018-12-13
Tensions rise as arsonists burn 7,000 voting machines ahead of DRC election 2018-12-13
MPs Andrew Griffiths and Charlie Elphicke get whip restored 2018-12-13
Jacob Rees-Mogg’s paper tigers may yet split the Tory party | Gaby Hinsliff 2018-12-13
Geminid meteor shower: Where, when and how to see it 2018-12-13
South Western Railway strikes planned for Christmas week 2018-12-13
Woman kidnapped in boot of her own car in Kidmore End 2018-12-13
Daniel Hannan s MEP group told to repay €535,000 in EU funds 2018-12-13
Police funding: Government pledges extra £300m 2018-12-13
Yemen: ceasefire agreed for port city of Hodeidah 2018-12-13
Disgrace : rising English homelessness includes 120,000 children 2018-12-13
Ian Naude: Cheshire PC jailed for raping 13-year-old girl 2018-12-13
Hospitals overcrowding risk ahead of Christmas 2018-12-13
UK retailers suffer worst November in living memory , warns Mike Ashley 2018-12-13
Primary school tables: Poor pupils won t catch up for 50 years 2018-12-13
Dog meat ban: MPs call for UK to follow the US in outlawing the practice 2018-12-13
Labour and Tories reject Theresa May s call for cooperation 2018-12-13
Prevent referrals over rightwing extremism rise by over a third 2018-12-13
Manhunt for Strasbourg gunman continues across German border 2018-12-13
May’s simple plea to the EU: save me from a second referendum | Matthew d’Ancona 2018-12-13
Turkey: high-speed train crash in Ankara leaves many dead 2018-12-13
Her goose is cooked : newspapers ask how long Theresa May can last 2018-12-13
Theresa May heads to Brexit talks in Brussels after seeing off vote – politics live 2018-12-13
Thursday briefing: Bruised May takes her Brexit battle forward 2018-12-13
UK property market at weakest since 2012 as Brexit takes toll – Rics 2018-12-13
Brexit: Theresa May to join EU summit after surviving vote 2018-12-13
George Pell: Pope Francis removes Australian cardinal from inner circle 2018-12-13
Josh Clayton s mother blames police for three years of torment 2018-12-13
With three D grades at A-level, 80% got university places 2018-12-13
What happens now for the prime minister and her Brexit plans? 2018-12-13
Organ donors to be asked if they are religious 2018-12-13

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