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Olympic cyclists Jason Kenny and Laura Trott marry 2016-09-25
BBC s John Simpson accuses governments of savagery in cuts 2016-09-25
Jeremy Corbyn: most Labour MPs should not fear deselection 2016-09-25
European Space Agency accused of having a problem with promoting women 2016-09-25
Boris Johnson says NHS will get substantial extra funds after Brexit 2016-09-25
Jordanian writer shot dead outside his trial for insulting Islam 2016-09-25
Jason Kenny and Laura Trott get married 2016-09-25
Labour conference opens after Jeremy Corbyn re-elected leader - Politics live 2016-09-25
Labour leadership: Corbyn vows to give more power to activists 2016-09-25
Books accuse May of leaving Cameron to fight Brexit campaign alone 2016-09-25
‘What’s said on tour stays on tour’: McDonnell tries to keep show on road 2016-09-25
If you can’t beat Jeremy Corbyn, you’d better try to learn from him | Andrew Rawnsley 2016-09-25
David Cameron let down by Theresa May, says former PM aide 2016-09-25
Sir Bradley Wiggins: No unfair advantage from drug 2016-09-25
Victorious Corbyn pledges to give more power to Labour members 2016-09-24
Man arrested over Pippa Middleton iCloud hacking claims 2016-09-24
TV s Zoe Ball and DJ Norman Cook announce separation 2016-09-24
Junior doctors suspend strike plans due to patient safety concerns 2016-09-24
Teenager s body pulled from River Erewash at Stapleford 2016-09-24
Assad’s troops tighten grip on Aleppo as 2 million left without water 2016-09-24
Junior doctors strike action called off 2016-09-24
Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn wins convincing victory over Owen Smith 2016-09-24
Kate, William and children fly to Canada 2016-09-24
Another Labour leadership election is over – same time next year? 2016-09-24
Corbyn leadership win shows Labour is now a changed party 2016-09-24
What next for Jeremy Corbyn? 2016-09-24
Corbyn Mark II looks like a leader – now he must set out a clear, coherent vision 2016-09-24
France aims to move Calais refugees to reception centres within weeks 2016-09-24
Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Owen Smith 2016-09-24
Syria bombings leave 1.75 million without running water in Aleppo 2016-09-24
Pippa Middleton iCloud hack claims investigated by police 2016-09-24
Three arrested over Poplar chicken shop row murder 2016-09-24
Iraq: militants launch deadly attacks around Tikrit 2016-09-24
Labour leadership election result: Jeremy Corbyn appeals for unity - Politics live 2016-09-24
Images of Duchess of Cambridge and children stolen in iCloud hack 2016-09-24
Teenager among three arrested over death of Czech man in east London 2016-09-24
Washington shooting: police hunt gunman after four people killed in mall attack 2016-09-24
Bruce Springsteen calls Donald Trump a moron 2016-09-24
Barack Obama meets with Jo Cox s family to pay tribute to British MP 2016-09-24
Labour leadership: Corbyn and Smith await election result 2016-09-24

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